5 Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Their Ads

Small businesses face many challenges that larger enterprises do not share.  They have smaller scales of production, which can serve to drive up costs. They  likely don’t have in-house financial or legal teams, meaning that there is no  contract law attorney to examine every detail of every deal. And, even though  they have smaller amounts of resources, small businesses often face the same  advertising climate – not to mention the same advertising costs – as that  experienced by larger firms. The result is that the uphill battle to gain name  recognition can become an even more difficult one.

Consequently, having the right kind of advertising approach can be crucial to a  small business’ success. If you are a small business manager or owner, there are  numerous steps you can take to improve your marketing approach. Here are a few  ideas:

Always Think Locally

A small business’ marketing campaign should always have a local focus in  mind. Even if you sell products or services in multiple cities, you’re best  suited to conduct localized ad campaigns in each. This avoids the costs and the  dilution of a more national approach.

Take Advantage of Free Marketing

A good advertising campaign is probably going to cost you some money, but  this does not mean that every component of this campaign needs to behave  similarly. When it comes to free marketing, you have nothing to lose except for  an hour or two of your time. These days, social media sites present the most  lucrative free marketing opportunities. Make a Facebook page and start aTwitter – you’ll be surprised how much exposure you can quickly gain.


One of the best places to advertise one’s business is on the first page of a  Google search result, and the best way to insure such a position is throughSEO. By working to create quality  content and inbound links, a business – especially one that is more  locally-focused – can move up rapidly in the results.

Have A Diversified Offline Mix

Even online marketing may be cheaper, it’s important for most businesses to  have a concerted offline approach. Moreover, make sure that this approach is a  diversified one. Since a couple radio or newspaper ads can quickly add up in  cost, try simply to get your name out there through several different media and  insure that you can hit a baseline level of consumer awareness in your local  area.

Keep Consumer Data

Many small businesses use consumer-provided data to send offers and  promotions via email or postal mail. Larger businesses often take this a step  further by hiring consultants and marketers to analyze the demographics behind  this data. You may not be able to afford a consultant, but you can still keep a  close eye on consumer data for any target audience indicators. Such indicators  may inform the placement or content of your next advertising campaign.

These are just a few ideas for improving your marketing approach. While small  businesses may lack the resources needed for a full-scale ad campaign, this does  not mean that they cannot compete on the advertising front, so long as some  focus and ingenuity are involved.







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